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What are Mites and Mange in Dogs and Cats

What are mites?

Mites are microscopic creatures that resemble miniature spiders.

Among the mites species that attack cats and dogs, are members of the Sarcoptic mange mites (family Sarcoptidae), which burrow under the skin. 

Demodex mites (family Demodicidae) are parasites that live in or near the hair follicles of mammals, including humans.

Cheyletiella […]

Bath Time for Cats?

Do you bathe your cat? Do you use an all natural SLS and  Paraben free shampoo? Here Adelia  advises us on how and why we can help our cats by bathing them the right way…

It’s a Cat-astrophe!

Some people think cats should stay out in the barn and catch mice and not […]

Dermagic Feline Skin Rescue Lotion

Feline Skin Rescue Lotion (cats allergy treatment) – Cats can suffer allergies from fleas and mites, just like our dogs can. Other common cat skin conditions include fungal or bacterial infections, allergies, stress, injury, or more rarely by hormonal imbalances.

If your cat suffers from any of these conditions, try our Dermagic feline skin […]

Dermagic Feline Shampoo Bar

If you are looking for a great shampoo bar for your cat, this organic shampoo bar from Dermagic not only smells wonderful…but is also gentle yet effective.

We find these cat shampoo bars so much easier to use than liquid shampoos, as you can hold it in your hand while lathering the fur without […]

The Most Common Skin Conditions in Dogs and Cats

Cats and Dogs both suffer from an array of different skin conditions, but there are a few of these pet skin conditions that are very common, here is a brief summery.


Fleas are probably the most common cause of skin conditions in dogs and cats.

Some dogs and cats are more sensitive to […]

Dermagic Feline Skin Rescue Lotion

If your cat is suffering from a skin condition caused by mites or allergies, you can use this feline skin rescue lotion to provide relief and help heal the affected area.

This fresh-smelling topical lotion offers cats fast and effective relief from skin irritations, hot spots, scaly skin, flea allergies, dermatitis, and dry skin […]

What is Canine Atopic Dermatitis?

Most pet owners that have a dog diagnosed with canine Atopic Dermatitis are surprised and unsure of what exactly it is. Most pet owners don’t realize that allergies are just as common in pets as they are in humans, and can cause cats and dogs quite a bit of suffering.

What is Canine […]

Dog Skin Problems Caused by Parasites (Fleas, Ticks, Mange Mites and More)

A parasite is an organism (a flea, for example) that spends a significant portion of its life in or on the living tissue of a host organism (your pet) and which causes harm to the host without immediately killing it. Some parasites are relatively innocuous, some are not, and some can cause serious skin problems. […]

Rosemary Cat Shampoo Bar

Does your cat suffer from skin conditions? This natural organic shampoo bar from Dermagic will leave your cats coat and skin soft and healthy.

DERMagic Rosemary Shampoo Bar for Felines is gentle, deep cleansing, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. Our special feline formula helps reduce flakiness and regenerate healthy, soft skin and fur.

Rosemary essential oils […]

Why Avoid Steroids for Temporary Relief for Pet Skin Conditions..

Read why it is better to target the source of your pets skin condition, rather than masking the symptoms.

Why Not Steroids?

Corticosteroid drugs, called "steroids" for short, are potent chemical substances that can reduce swelling and inflammation quickly.   Common corticosteroid drugs used to treat skin issues in dogs include cortisone, hydrocortisone, prednisolone and prednisone. […]