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Dermagic Skincare – Natural Ingredients & Their Benefits

Rosemary is found in the Dermagic soap bars so here is some information on all its benefits!

For many years, DERMagic has focused on bringing the best, most effective, natural skin care solutions to the pet industry. That means using only the finest organic ingredients in our products. One recurring herb you’ll see in our […]

Dermagic Feline Shampoo Bar

If you are looking for a great shampoo bar for your cat, this organic shampoo bar from Dermagic not only smells wonderful…but is also gentle yet effective.

We find these cat shampoo bars so much easier to use than liquid shampoos, as you can hold it in your hand while lathering the fur without […]

The Earth in Crisis

Peak Soil

The Silent Global Crisis,   BY STEPHEN LEAHY

Folks,  here at DERMagic we worry a lot about ingredients.  We look at what they are and where they come from, their quality and purity, the sustainability of their source.  And we look at whether or not these ingredients are organic or from organic farms.