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Golden Retriever Regrows Hair after Five Months on DERMagic

Dermagic UK offers a fantastic proven solution for dogs with Alopecia X, Black Skin disease’s and hair loss caused by allergies or tick bites. Her is a Golden retriever that in only a few months had a full body or healthy Hair.

One of the most common problems DERMagic resolves is hair loss in pets. […]

Golden Retriever Regrows Hair after Five Months on DERMagic

Golden Retriever case study. This dog shows that after five moths you can have great results with Dermagic skincare for dogs…..article from DERMAGIC USA

One of the most common problems DERMagic resolves is hair loss in pets. Not only can this be a frustrating condition, it is miserable for pets and their owners. Hair […]

Does your Pet Suffer From Winter Dry Skin or a Dull Coat

Does your cat or dog lose condition in the winter, does their coat seem dull or skin seem dry and flaky?

With winters cold dry air, and the indoor heating we all use in the colder months…Its no wonder many of our pets suffer from a dulling coat and loss of condition this time of […]

What is the Dermagic System and How can it help your Dogs and Cats

DERMagic  is a fantastic pet skincare range that can help your dogs and cats skin conditions. The products are proven to help heal black skin disease, dermatitis, hot spots and other skin allergies..

How to give your pet relief from skin problems…

Severe dog itching, skin allergies, mange, black skin disease and hair loss, hot […]

Golden Retrievers Suffer from Skin Conditions too!

Golden Retrievers are stunning dogs to look at; this good sized dog’s coat is rich with threads of sun yellow, bright white, and of course, shining gold. Bred as gundogs, and with an intelligence that shows in everyday tasks as well as at work, these beautiful beasts really are top dog. Retrievers are also clever […]

Is your dog losing hair? Skin turning black?

We want to show you a real dog with a real problem that so many dogs experience. Meet Gus, son of Angela. Gus had been diagnosed with a thyroid problem and was losing his hair, and his skin was turning black. This picture below shows how widespread this disease had become.

Many dogs with this […]

What is Canine Atopic Dermatitis?

Most pet owners that have a dog diagnosed with canine Atopic Dermatitis are surprised and unsure of what exactly it is. Most pet owners don’t realize that allergies are just as common in pets as they are in humans, and can cause cats and dogs quite a bit of suffering.

What is Canine […]

Sir Winston the Pomeranian Beats Black Skin Disease

Folks, sometimes a story is so compelling that we feel obliged to share it.  Please read about little Sir Winston’s journey back to good health, pink skin and full coat with the help of DERMagic products.  Yes, Alopecia X can be reversed… and here’s one very heart-warming tale, reproduced here exactly as Sir Winston’s pet […]

Dog Skin Problems Caused by Parasites (Fleas, Ticks, Mange Mites and More)

A parasite is an organism (a flea, for example) that spends a significant portion of its life in or on the living tissue of a host organism (your pet) and which causes harm to the host without immediately killing it. Some parasites are relatively innocuous, some are not, and some can cause serious skin problems. […]

Top Signs of Yeast in Dogs

By Dr Adelia Ritchie

What are the key signs of a yeast infection? 

Any one of these is a very strong indicator, regardless of how it got started. If there are two or more of these symptoms, it’s pretty much a given that the dog is systemically infected with yeast: