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Parabens & SLS in Dog Shampoo – Are They Harmful?

Are parabens really that harmful? After all they are found in millions of dog shampoos around the world…

What are Parabens?

Parabens are a chemical compound of para-hydroxybenzoic acid and they are used as preservatives – that’s why they are found in so many products. They are used to fight bacteria and fungus, are […]

Dermagic Skincare – Natural Ingredients & Their Benefits

Rosemary is found in the Dermagic soap bars so here is some information on all its benefits!

For many years, DERMagic has focused on bringing the best, most effective, natural skin care solutions to the pet industry. That means using only the finest organic ingredients in our products. One recurring herb you’ll see in our […]

Does your Pet Suffer From Winter Dry Skin or a Dull Coat

Does your cat or dog lose condition in the winter, does their coat seem dull or skin seem dry and flaky?

With winters cold dry air, and the indoor heating we all use in the colder months…Its no wonder many of our pets suffer from a dulling coat and loss of condition this time of […]

Soap, Shampoo or Shampoo Bars to Bathe your dog?

Dog Soap, Dog Shampoo or Dog Shampoo Bars to Bathe your dog?

Which is best? How to choose?

It’s all so confusing. We just want to get our pets clean, right? And we want to do it without irritating or drying out their skin, and we want a healthy, shiny coat. And we don’t […]