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Aloe Vera: The Plant of Immortality

A fantastic article from Adelia at Dermagic…..

Aloe Vera gel and juice are main components in many of our DERMagic products. Natural medicine, including the use of aloe extracts, has been around much longer than modern medicine. There is a reason it’s making a comeback.

Aloe, a succulent and member of the […]

Looking After Our Dogs Teeth and Gums

As there are so many skin and health conditions our dogs suffer from, sometimes we forget that just like us we need to look after their teeth and gums. Some of the signs of teeth and gum issues are bad breath, excessive drooling, loose teeth and inflamed gums. We can brush our dogs teeth […]

Sulphur The Healing Mineral for Pets

An article by Dr Adelia Ritchie about some of the ingredients in the Dermagic Products. The Dermagic range helps your dogs and cats skin conditions with natural fast working relief from itchy and painful symptoms.

We often get questions from our customers about the ingredients in our products. Today we’re going to talk about one […]