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Soap, Shampoo or Shampoo Bars to Bathe your dog?

Dog Soap, Dog Shampoo or Dog Shampoo Bars to Bathe your dog?

Which is best? How to choose?

It’s all so confusing. We just want to get our pets clean, right? And we want to do it without irritating or drying out their skin, and we want a healthy, shiny coat. And we don’t […]

Sulphur The Healing Mineral for Pets

An article by Dr Adelia Ritchie about some of the ingredients in the Dermagic Products. The Dermagic range helps your dogs and cats skin conditions with natural fast working relief from itchy and painful symptoms.

We often get questions from our customers about the ingredients in our products. Today we’re going to talk about one […]

Why Use DERMagic Natural Shampoo and Conditioner for Dogs?

There are some things that we might take for granted when it comes to dogs. Some things that we might not realise, or even consider. We might assume that all dogs like chasing sticks, or that they all love to chew on bones. We might believe that they all have a problem with cats, or […]