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Does your Pet Suffer From Winter Dry Skin or a Dull Coat

Does your cat or dog lose condition in the winter, does their coat seem dull or skin seem dry and flaky?

With winters cold dry air, and the indoor heating we all use in the colder months…Its no wonder many of our pets suffer from a dulling coat and loss of condition this time of year.

Our indoor heating systems and air conditioning emit a dry heat, this heat with the lack of humidity can dry out the moisture in your dogs skin, resulting in sensitive dry and sometimes red skin. Your dogs skin does heal, but if left it is possible for the dry skin to result in a more serious condition if your dog starts scratching the effected area.

In Winter we would advise against bathing your dog too often, which also reduces the skins moisture content. Byl eaving the natural oils to develop on the skin, it will help protect your dog from the harsher winter  environment.

Here is a list of Dermagic Skincare products that can help keep your dog in tip top condition through the winter months…

Salt Scrub

End that itchy winter dry skin and flakiness!

Directions: See our How-To video for eliminating dandruff! Or for senior dogs with achy joints aggravated by cold weather, place a cup of Salt Scrub in a warm water bath and let pets soak as the healing salts ease pain and decrease inflammation. It also helps rejuvenate dry skin, leaving the coat softer and healthier-looking.


  • Eliminates dandruff!
  • Relieves achy joints
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Rejuvenates dry skin
  • Restores soft, healthy coat


Cell Restoration Creme

Natural emollients like sesame oil and Shea butter have been scientifically proven to provide relief and reverse damage caused caused by the elements, especially cracked or inflamed pads or dry, chapped noses.

Directions: Apply liberaly to dry areas of skin and paw pads. (Great for people too, providing relief from chapped hands, eczema, psoriasis or dry, itchy skin!)


  • Reverses damage from elements
  • Softens paw pads
  • Restores healthy skin
  • Speed cell regeneration
  • Boosts skin’s immunity to infection
  • 100% organic ingredients

DERMagic Conditioner Bar

Rosemary-Mint Conditioner Bar

Designed to condition the skin and leave fur silky smooth, this is the perfect complement to our DERMagic Organic Shampoo Bars. 

Directions: After shampooing, rinse thoroughly, then gently stroke the Conditioner Bar directly onto the fur in the direction the hair grows. Just a light stroke does the trick. Massage gently and rinse thoroughly.


  • Soothes dry, itchy skin
  • Conditions & softens coat for easy grooming
  • Rosemary Essential Oil moistures and prevents hair loss
  • Peppermint is natural calmative & antiseptic
  • Provides vitamins A & C and omega-3 fatty acids

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