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Golden Retrievers Suffer from Skin Conditions too!

Golden Retrievers are stunning dogs to look at; this good sized dog’s coat is rich with threads of sun yellow, bright white, and of course, shining gold. Bred as gundogs, and with an intelligence that shows in everyday tasks as well as at work, these beautiful beasts really are top dog.
Retrievers are also clever dogs that can act as guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, and police drug detection dogs. Incredible. They also make fantastic pets, as they are quick to learn and slow to forget.

Bad Golden  Retriever Skin Conditions

Like many other breeds, Golden Retrievers suffer from a range skin problems. It’s worth knowing about these common, and mostly managable ailments when considering giving one of these wonderful working dogs a good home.

‘Hot spots’ are a a common skin condition for Golden Retrievers. Also known as ‘acute moist dermatitis’, these patches of red, itchy, infected skin are caused through the skin itself becoming damp. This is more common in thick or long haired dogs like Golden Retrievers, as their thick hair sometimes doesn’t allow for proper drying. Hot spots in dogs are most common in the back, tail base, neck or side of the face. This condition is often further aggravated in hot and humid weather.

Canine seborrhea is another issue for the Golden Retriever. The skin flakes and becomes scaly (sometimes greasy too), causing the dog to lick the affected area which over time makes the infection worse. Although canine seborrhea can’t be eradicated entirely, it can be managed, and that will provide some well needed relief to the Golden Retriever.

It’s not just hot weather and damp conditions that affect the Retriever’s delicate skin; allergies cause many problems, especially as these dogs are quite susceptible, more so than other breeds. Wheat is often found to be the culprit here, but it could be any of a number of food products generally found in commercial dog food. It’s fairly easy to spot when your Golden Retriever has a skin complaint; he or she will bite their own skin, lick at themselves constantly, and run his or her face over rough materials in order to soothe the irritating itching. You may even be able to see sore areas beneath the golden fur, or feel lumps and bumps as you stroke your pet.

It’s not a pleasant time for dog or owner when we discover raw or inflamed skin, but there are products around that can help you both. DERMagic offers solutions for irritated, itchy skin, and can help soothe ailments that cause painful patches of red and raised infection.
For all over drug free relief from your Golden Retriever’s skin problems, why not try the DERMagic System? This is the ultimate package when it comes to helping your pet with relief from inflamed and painful skin allergies and diseases. It contains the fantastic 100% natural DERMagic Peppermint and Tea Tree Shampoo (this amazing product cleans and readies the skin for the next step, and leaves your dog smelling of lavender and mint!), the DERMagic Peppermint and Tea Tree Conditioner (used after the matching shampoo, this specially formulated conditioner protects and conditions the fur.)

There’s more; the DERMagic System also contains the fantastic Skin Rescue Lotion. This is an on the spot cream for instant relief from skin irritation. On top of that, you’ll receive a jar of Hot Spot Salve, which is ideal for treating the Golden Retriever’s enemy acute moist dermatitis. It’s also great for helping with canine seborrhea. Just dab some on and let it do its job. When you buy the Dermagic System you save a massive 20% off buying the products individually..

Finally, the DERMagic System also includes a jar of Cell Restoration Créme. This all natural cream restores moisture to your dog’s skin, and helps it to repair the actual skin cells as it too helps soothe the damaged skin.
Keep your Golden Retriever looking beautiful – treat your pet to the best.

We would recommend to clip the fur short in  the aggravated area before using these healing products, as this will help the product application and also keep the area dry. We advise against shaving the hair as this can cause further issues.

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