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Grass Pollen Allergy in Dogs

Grass pollen allergy  in dogs is fairly common, and you would think that since grass pollen is an inhaled allergen, the symptoms would be similar to us as humans…. However, dogs do not suffer as much from runny noses or sneezing but most commonly break out in skin-related reactions.

Symptoms of canine allergies can include ear infections, red raw hot spots and hair loss, as well certain behaviours exhibited by your dog such as scratching, rubbing its face and ears on  the floor and chewing on its paws.

To determine that grass pollen is the offending allergen, your dog will need to undergo Vet tests, including a physical examination, blood tests and intradermal testing.

Intradermal testing involves injecting various potential allergens into the skin to determine the offending allergen.  Unfortunately, grass pollen is difficult to control. Owners are recommended to keep grass cut short, rinse the dog’s feet and legs after going outside and to have the dog stay inside when pollen counts are elevated. Your dog would benefit from wearing protective boots, as these will keep the contact to the paws at a minimum. We would use the Paws rubber boots  or therapaws boot available at Zoomadog Dogs Health UK.


  1. Keep the grass in your garden mowed short and limit the dog’s exposure to tall grasses and weeds. If possible, create an area for the dog that is primarily gravel or sand to reduce his/her interaction with grass.
  2. Wipe down the dog’s body with a damp cloth before bringing him back into the house. This will help remove some of the grass pollen that can cling to his fur, and help reduce the amount of irritation he experiences.
  3. Monitor your dog at all times when she is in an area filled with grass. If you see the dog rolling around in the grass, use a training command to stop the action. Over time, this may help deter the behaviour and prevent future rolls in the hay.
  4. Vacuum your home and wash any dog bedding frequently to help remove grass pollens carried in by pets and people.

If you dog displays symptoms of grass pollen allergy, Dermagic products will work wonders to relieve the symptoms and calm the skin. Our Dermagic skin rescue lotion will soothe and protect the affected areas, as well as offering instant relief to your dogs itching. If your dog has hot spots from the grass, use our Dermagic Hot Spot Salve, this will clear up the raw patch over a couple of days as well as creating a barrier to protect the affected area.

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