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Has the word “Greenwash” become a bad word…..

Here at Dermagic Europe we haven’t heard the term “Greenwash” before, have you? Here Adelia tells us a little about the meaning and why Dermagic is different…..

Here’s one definition:  Greenwashing is a term used to describe companies that carelessly jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon in an attempt to cash in quick. They may convert some traditionally carbon heavy services to electronic format or offer one or two green products while masquerading as an authority on environmental education.

Ouch!  Well, we all know they’re not talking about us!

Here at DERMagic, we maintain a sense of humour about trends and fads, and this is one we think is really fun, especially because we use it in the complete opposite connotation. We have another meaning for Greenwash (although no one in the company will allow me to use that word.  So we’ll call it "Green Clean"!):

  • · "The heck with shipping heavy liquids all over the planet!"
  • · Give the heave-ho to plastic bottles of shampoo!
  • · Kick the SLS and other preservatives, texturizers and chemicals out of your dog’s bath!
  • · Embrace Certified Organic Shampoo Bars!
  • · Hug those recycled cardboard boxes!
  • · Love the natural essential oil scents!
  •     Lather like crazy on both long and short haired dogs!
  •     Rinse squeaky clean in a flash, saving the Earth’s precious water!
  • · Chase away fleas and other pests the organic, non-toxic way!
  • Green Clean your dog and we’ll plant a tree for every 10 bars we sell!

Now let’s get out there and erase that carbon pawprint.  Whether you call it “Green Clean” or “Green Wash”, do the earth a favor and shampoo bar your pets!

Oh, and by the way, our newest shampoo bar, the Skin Rescue Bar (also known as “The DERMinator”), has recently been awarded the Pet Product News Retailers’ NUMBER ONE Grooming Product for the entire year. 
Yes, we’re proud.  Have an amazing "clean" weekend, folks!  

Dr Adelia E. Ritchie


DERMagic Skin Care for Animals, Inc.

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