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How to Help you Dogs Skin Allergies in Spring

Does your dog suffer from seasonal allergies, and break out in hot spots, itchy skin or canine dermatitis?

With spring here, many of us are seeing the same symptoms and skin conditions appear as last year… after hoping they had gone for good. Now is the time to act so our dogs don’t spend the season feeling miserable thanks to pollens and other environmental allergens.

What are the signs that your dog has seasonal Allergies?

Allergies in dogs will often take the form of inflamed skin, hot spots or itchy flaky skin – a condition called allergic dermatitis.

If your dog suffers from allergies, the skin can become very itchy which will cause you dog to scratch excessively. Your dog might bite or chew at certain areas of their body just to relieve the terrible itchiness. It is important to relieve these symptoms as quickly as possible in order to prevent open sores and infection. We highly recommend using our Dermagic Skin Rescue Lotion, this fast working product will relieve the symptoms fast.

Another very common skin conditions in dogs is the  "Hot Spot” which is also know as "acute moist dermatitis.” 
There are many causes of hot spots, including allergies and parasites, but the common factor is infection, whether bacterial, fungal, or yeast (another type of fungus). A hot spot can appear anywhere on the body: hind leg, feet, rump area, neck, etc. 
The bottom line for your pet is that there is an infection and intense itching, regardless of how it got that way. To relieve your dog from the discomfort of hot spots, use our Hot Spot Salve. If you would like to call us for advice on how to help alleviate and relieve your dogs skin conditions and allergies, call us on 01624 829575 today…

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