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Those shampoo bars are the best things I’ve ever used.  Thanks again, Nathan from Australia

I just wanted to leave positive feedback on DERMagic shampoo.  After my dog went to a professional groomer for the first time, her belly started turning black within the week. So I knew something was up, but didn’t know what.  Some time went by and it spread, so I went online and found your product.  Under her fur is pink again!  I know that I would’ve had problems if I hadn’t used the shampoo.  She really likes getting a bath with DERMagic, and she smells good! Thanks!  Sara

I had such faith in your product after using it on our Pom for horrible black spots on his tummy and groin area, that I went ahead and used it on our cat.  I figured the all natural ingredients couldn’t hurt her.   The scraped spot on her muzzle that wouldn’t heal turned out PURRRRRFECTLY!!!   Her right muzzle was BARE, and a month later filled in with fur!  

One of my friends spent thousands last year with her dog’s allergies.    DERMAGIC cleared it up — and she is spreading the word! – Lin in Virginia Beach

I took Yogi to a vet in Eagle Point, OR, today.  This vet only sees him when we have his teeth cleaned as they are nearly an hour away from us.  They are a wonderful teaching animal hospital and very, very reasonable.  Anyway, they had a notation on Yogi’s chart that he was "bald" and thought I’d brought in the wrong dog!!  It was amazing, the vet who examined him was so impressed, she immediately asked for information.  I had my cover letter, pictures and your pamphlet all ready for them!!    Debbie in Oregon

Your lotion is the BEST!  My Akita had Black Skin Disease, and now all her hair is back, no bare spots and even her tail is full!  Thank you for making this product! – Austin, Manhattan Beach, CA

Best thing since sliced bread! I would recommend it to everyone!!! Thanks for helping my lil furbabies and their flea dermatitis!!! You are the best!!! Tiny Timmy

My golden hasn’t scratched at his hot spot since I used your WONDERFUL products today. Thanks loads.  Debbie M.R.

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