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The Three Most Common Dog Allergies

If you think your dog has an allergy, it is important to find out what’s causing it, as addressing the physical symptom is no good without realizing the root cause. The three most common allergies are food allergies, Flea allergies and Environmental allergies.

The main symptoms of Food Allergies are Gas, Vomiting and diarrhoea but may also include the following:

  • Itchy or oozing skin
  • Red, irritated eyes
  • Nasal discharge
  • Coughing or sneezing; asthma
  • Inflamed ears
  • Swollen paws

Remember dogs can develop an allergy to food that they have been fine with for years, so finding the cause is by process of elimination. We recommend feeding a well balanced homemade raw diet and then maybe introduce other feeds gradually. It is a good idea to rotate the protein sources your dog eats, as is strictly limiting or eliminating grains.

Flea allergy causes dermatitis. This is caused by the fleas saliva rather than the actual flea. The saliva causes irritation to the skin, which progresses as your dog itches and the area becomes painful and raw. This can be present long after the elimination of fleas.

Environmental allergies can be caused by many things, including grasses, pollens, mould, dust, chemicals, smoking, artificial fabrics and more. If your dogs allergy is seasonal it will most likely be an outdoor issue like pollen or grasses, if is is present all your round it is likely it is something in the home. To prevent these allergies we can keep a clean home environment for our dogs, avoid smoking near them and use an air purifier. You can also bathe your dog in an all natural paraben free shampoo like our Dermagic Shampoo Bars.

When we discover our dog is suffering from a skin complaint caused by one or more of these causes, we can then try to eliminate the physical symptoms. We recommend using the Dermagic skincare range as its 100% natural and really gets deep into the skin to kill any yeast present. There is a product suitable for all skin complaints, so if you need help with selecting the correct Dermagic product for your dog please call us on 01624 829575.

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